Our Brand
Founded in Germany in 2016 as a quality home furnishings company, Mae Laurence has since developed into a high-end brand with both apparel and home interiors. The company launched its first public debut in W hotel in Suzhou, China in November 2018, with the release of its new oriental resort collection which has been described as “clean, architectural, and feminine”.
Mae Laurence aims to dress clients who are looking to wear luxurious quality apparels made from natural fabrics, unique materials and environmentally friendly products without paying overinflated prices.
As an independent fashion brand, each piece in our collected works is mostly handmade and in limited supply.
At Mae Laurence, we make fashion to suit people of all shapes, sizes and personalities, and aim to inspire our clients to feel exclusive and elegant, with a fun modern edge.
Mae Laurence home aims to curate interior decoration for the high-end segment.  We are inspired by the simplicity of modern architecture yet playing a lot with textures and exotic materials.
At Mae Laurence home we aim to inspire our customers with our creation and ideas. Mae Laurence home focused in using a fusion of natural materials from different countries such as Stingray, Parchment, Bone, Mother of Pearl, Seashells, Wood, Metal and also recycled materials. We
wish to bring your own private space closer to nature through our unique decorative pieces. A personal approach driven by our love for nature, quality and we try our absolute best to have the best service… and that is our ultimate goal in here in Mae Laurence.
Mae Laurence, the owner and designer after whom the company is named, grew up in the Philippines and currently resides in Germany. (To learn more about her please refer to the section below, entitled ‘Our Designer’).
Our Beliefs
Here at Mae Laurence we try our best to do our part in supporting the eco-friendly movement. For example, did you know that many of our bags use recycled plastics? In addition to this, many of our clothes are made with EcoVero and recycled polyester. For those of you who may not
know, EcoVero is a fiber constructed from sustainable wood and pulp, and as such it has a low environmental impact. Any Mae Laurence clothing that uses EcoVero is certified with the EU Ecolabel – so you can feel eco-fabulous.

Our Designer
Mae Laurence
I graduated from the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines with a BA in Fine Arts. Since then, I have developed my own business in both fashion and home furnishings. Preferring timelessness to fleeting fashion, I gain most of my inspiration from my environment. Having grown up on a tropical island, I enjoy using exotic textures and materials in a natural, yet modern way. Looking back to my childhood, I often attribute my unique expression of style to my mother, who regularly designed clothes for my sisters and myself while listening to jazz and Bossa nova in the
background. Now, music plays a big part in my own creativity, and like the jazz that I grew up listening to, I like my designs to be classic and elegant. I have also traveled all over Southeast Asia in an attempt to incorporate different cultures and patterns into my clothing and accessories. When I moved to China in 2013, I fell in love with the Chinese art and architecture that breathed through her daily life, and as a result many of my earlier designs can be seen to have an oriental influence. In terms of work ethic, I like to inspire people and be inspired by them. Ultimately, my goal is to help my clients to show off their confidence whilst looking and feeling powerful, beautiful, and sexy in their
clothing. So remember:
‘‘Dressing well is simply a form of taking care of yourself.’’
- Mae Laurence